Folded star

folded star3This is a patchwork technique that I hadn’t tried before and I just loved the process and the result.

I used some fabrics from a batik jellyroll so the size of the folded points was determined by the width of the strips, which is two and a half inches.  I found that working to this scale was fine and I like the delicacy of the final piece; it is just five inches in diameter. I think a cushion in this style of work would be lovely, but am a little daunted by the number of points I’d be making by the time I reached the outer rings!


Print and embroidery on a summer day

Clive Barnett embroidery and printThe summer weather encouraged us out to the Suffolk coast and Snape Maltings. Here I very much enjoyed Print2StitchDiversity in Nature, with the work of Clive Barnett and Norah Stocker. The exhibition title reflected the working techniques of these two and there were some lively, layered works with great depth.  I particularly like Clive’s recent pieces featuring more hand embroidery, worked both before and after a range of print processes.  This approach resulted in complex and interesting surfaces  inspired by foliage and the effects of lighting, dapple shade, seasonal colour and texture.

Sorry for the late post, the exhibition finishes tomorrow, but if you are nearby do go and see it!