Quilt indulgence

Great HallIn York this week I had the luxury of a day to spend time at the Quilt Museum and Gallery. Just inside the city walls, it occupies St Anthony’s Halll, one of the four remaining medieval guildhalls of the city. The main exhibition area is the timbered Great Hall, a wonderful space.

Keira Knightly dress


Setting the Scene combined meticulously recreated historical costume (from TV and film drama) with appropriate quilts from the Quilters’ Guild collection. The quilts dazzled. I particularly enjoyed those pieced from a myriad of dress and furnishing fabrics. They have a wealth of pattern and colour that reflects the variety there was in the dress of the time.

I’m looking at hexagon quilts at the moment and I spent considerable time studying the layouts of the superb examples and the arrangement of the fabric colours and patterns.

There is a fair number of craftspeople today working with these paper piecing techniques, bringing a modern feel to the traditional. It fits well with the desire to be engaged in hand work with an almost limitless opportunity to make the design truly personal.


ineke berlynIn complete contrast were the many varied ‘dresses’ of Ineke Berlyn. An exhilarating array of one-dimensional dress shapes enhanced by surface decoration of all sorts – embroidery printing, quilting, beadwork.

No photography was allowed so all the pictures above are from the Quilt Museum and Gallery website.