Good intentions…

Moroni The TailorWe went to see the Moroni exhibition at the Royal Academy.  His portrait of a tailor has long been one of my favourite pictures.  A few months ago I went to a wonderful workshop at the RA and we had a series of fascinating talks in front of a small number of the pictures in the exhibition. This visit I had much more time and was able to view all the paintings at my own speed and spend some considerable time closely examining some of the ones that appealed most.

moroni 2The treatment of the dress of his sitters is what draws my attention, as well as the expressiveness of the features.  His textiles cry out to be touched they look so substantial. I love the contrast between the starched whiteness of the ruff and the subdued, rich colours of the gown in this one.

(both pictures from the RA website).


quilting on wall hangingMy own work progresses slowly, I am too cautious and wanting everything to be ‘right’. But I am enjoying (almost) every minute I spend learning new skills and putting them together.


New year intentions

panel sectionFor me, like many other bloggers, the turn of the year brought realisation that I have not been posting and like many others I’m starting with renewed determination to be here more often.So a brief look at what I have been completing recently.

One of the pieces of fabric I printed with Ineke Berlyn caught the eye of my son so for Christmas I made up the panel into a cushion for him.Son's cushion

A recent C&G class included piping and edgings so I exercised my newfound skills on his gift and one for my grandson. I very much enjoyed working with the bright and cheerful fabrics with the space theme, not a colour scheme that we would use in our own rooms but perfect for a playroom.Piping on space cushionsammy's cushion