Lindsay Taylor

lindsay Taylor peacockSaturday was the occasion of my local Embroiderers’ Guild branch’s annual Spring Lecture.  Lindsay Taylor came all the way from the Isle of Wight, giving a workshop at the Minories the day before which I unfortunately couldn’t attend.

lindsay Taylor hat

What a wonderful lecture!  Lindsay shared with us her journey from stunning wedding gowns, through C&G Embroidery, amazing hats and necklaces, bags and her more recent 3D work.  It was fascinating to learn how complex, and serendipitous, the route to being a successful exhibitor is. She empahsised again and again the part that ‘never saying no’ to an opportunity plays in getting a foothold.

Her work is highly skilled and just beautiful, so full of detail and her love of the natural world, and her concern for it, shine through. She was a great speaker, too. The time just flew by and then we were treated to the chance to get up close to, and handle, some of her lovely pieces. If you ever get the opportunity to go to a talk or an exhibtion by Lindsay – do!  She has published a book which I will now seek out.

Lindsay Taylor bookI am inspired to resume machine embroidery (but realistically that will have to wait till July and the completion of my C&G).

All pictures from Lindsay’s website.


Moving from design to stitch

Floor plans of Tournus churchFinally getting to grips with  a piece for my C&G assessment.  I started with a floor plan and side elevation drawings of St Philibert in Tournus, one of my favourite buildings.

Tournus 2The original drawing (from Le Monde Roman by Xavier Barrali I Altet) has moved on considerably and I have at last reached a stage where I can start to stitch the actual piece, rather than samples to see what yet another idea looks like! This point is always a relief to me as I can get very bogged down in the design process, trying just one more idea to ‘improve’ it.  Part of my learning curve is knowing when to say stop and just start cutting and stitching.

Small steps

pieced ninepatchRather than wait for a finished project I have decided that I will post about what’s in progress.  First up is another block in a quilt I’m making.  A number of specified blocks need to be made for my C&G course and I’m reluctant to put that amount of work into ‘just a sample’.  So I set myself the (unrealistic?) goal of working these and a range of others to make into a  bed quilt. I’m much encouraged in this by having joined my local quilting group Quay Quilters 2 and working with others in using Lynne Edwards’ wonderful books to explore different blocks.

This week’s was a simple nine-patch and I enjoyed it (except for my usual struggles to get perfectly matched seams).

ninepatch block, quilted


I’m always intrigued to see the effect of quilting a block – sometimes they can look completely different. The colour change between photos here is because of the different times of day I took the pictures. The second one is closer to the greyed blues of the batik fabrics I am using.