Denny Abbey

Denny Abbey 1On Saturday I ventured as far as Denny Farmland Museum and Abbey to enjoy the ERTF exhibition of textiles.  It was a fascinating concept – ERTF members spent time at the site drawing, photographing and soaking up the history and the atmosphere.  They then went away and created works reflecting their own responses. For the explorer around the site it was wonderful to see the works in the many varied settings that had inspired them.  The scale of the Abbey and the barns dwarfed even some of the larger pieces, such as the dramatic quilt shown above, being hung.

Carole Nicholls Old wallsThe styles and techniques used varied across the whole range of textile arts, including knitting, crochet (with baling twine!), embroidery, felting, lacemaking and quilting. Some were soft and evocative of bygone times with images, like Old Walls by Carole Nicholls. Others were based on the designs found in old farm implements and vehicles like the very long, hand-dyed hanging shown below. (My apologies to the maker; there were no catalogues left and I forgot to note your name.)Denny Abbey 2The blog on the ERTF website gives more images and details of the pieces. I feel inspired to try my hand at generating more work based on experiencing a particular place (once I’ve finished my C&G work!)

The sun shone and the museum and abbey themselves were well worth the visit; I shall definitely be going again.