A little light relief

sammy bag 2A couple of less demanding projects completed and underway after the pressure of C&G.  When my grandson was visiting a few weeks ago I introduced him to cyanotype,  a printing process using sunlight on treated cloth.  In a small way, of course, he is only five!

Sammy bag 1A pack of small squares allowed us to play with different light-blockers and he selected cardboard letter shapes from a box to spell his own name, together with some leaf shapes.  He carefully arranged these and held them down with a sheet of perspex.  The sun came out and we were very pleased with our efforts.

I undertook to make him a bag for his Lego people using the square  and, to be even-handed, made his two and a half year old sister a bag as well. This matched a doll’s bed quilt I made a couple of months ago and was immediately appropriated as a sleeping bag for ‘baby’.Millie bag 1

Millie doll quilt

Final piece for City and Guilds


grad showEnd of year show, City and Guilds, Creative Stitch Suffolk June 2015

Health issues are annoyingly interupting my life at the moment so there are gaps in blogging, exhibitions unvisited and projects not finished. I did, however, finish the final piece for my City and Guilds course;  it was a real boost to me to have completed it. Our end-of-year show was in late June and I was impressed how much I had done once I gathered everything together; when work is lurking in drawers and cupboards it’s easy to forget the volume that has been produced.

Setting it all up was fun but unfortunately I was then ill and not able to attend the opening or the show itself and see all the wonderful work from the many fellow students.

EPSON MFP imageI wanted my final quilt to be a personal one, developing a theme or an image that was significant. Romanesque  architecture seems to tick all the right boxes for me. I  love the plain, solid arch forms; the curved walls of an apse; the simple, soaring inner spaces.  The colours of the (now) unadorned stones are often delectable. A favourite of mine is St Philibert in Tournus, France so that was my choice.

This is an interior view of St Philibert, Tournus

final quilt graphicI based the quilt around an archtectural elevation and floor plan found in a book.  These were manipulated in Photoshop and combined with some of my photos of our visit. Interestingly, in the design process I developed a graphic image that I found resolved and satisfying but the more I tried to ‘interpret’ it in textiles the less it worked.  So, back to the drawing pad and a very different image emerged that I could make progress with. As with my other City and Guilds’ pieces I learned new techniques to help me realize my vision so it was a slow, testing but satisfying process.

Final piece for City and Guilds: Tournus fragments Susan RhodesTournus Fragments. Susan Rhodes 2015

I had challenged myself at the beginning of the year to put some work of mine ‘out there’, something I’ve been reluctant to do.  Working in the supportive and encouraging class gave me courage to submit this quilt to the Members’ Challenge at the Festival of Quilts. So, I exhibited!  I couldn’t get there to see it but friends sent me photos and next year I will submit something else and get to view it.