What’s in a name?

light and shadowToday I finally got back to planning blocks  for my bed quilt. I wanted to do some by hand to take away with me so I googled “paper piecing” and found some interesting ones to consider. It took me a while to realise that I was looking at blocks with oddly laid out templates and then it dawned on me that “paper piecing” for American quilters seems to be what I would call foundation piecing. However I really liked one of the blocks so I drafted my own templates for Light and Shadow, printed them onto freezer paper and I am now ready to  trim them down and enjoy my holiday handstitching!.IMG_6084

And it’s finished!

IMG_6015Looking back at my posts I see that way back in December I showed some paper pieced hexagons that I was applying to a cushion cover. I foolishly posted to the world (is there anyone out there?) that I hoped to have it finished by Christmas –  life took over and clearly it did not happen. I had another spurt of activity once I was in my new room and machine quilted around hand applied and quilted shapes, optimistically put it on my pinboard for completion and there it stayed.

Until yesterday

IMG_6013I really don’t know why I didn’t get round to it before; starting late yesterday afternoon and finishing this morning, I cut bias strips, covered piping cord, constructed an envelope back,  added buttons and buttonholes and stitched it all together. Done!



New resolution – find another UFO and finish it!