Project finished – new one started

Well, summer is nearly over and with the term start only three weeks (!) away my thoughts have turned to getting my assignments finished and to starting teaching again.  A very busy time ahead.

One unrelated project was completed – a submission for a show and I heard I was through the selection when I was away on holiday. I’ll post pictures when the exhibition opens in October.

At the moment I’m working on my 3D piece for C&G and today I was following my own advice to myself to make sure I had thought through the whole of the construction process before rushing in and getting started.  I immediately hit a snag: I wanted to use template plastic both for accurate cutting and for some stiffening pieces.  I’d bought the roll some weeks ago to be ready but – it wouldn’t unroll! That curl seemed permanent.  I googled to see if there was any advice out there and tried weighting it with a baking tray of hot water; curly still. Used a hairdryer to warm it but the heat wasn’t even and it buckled. Advice from sunnier climes suggested laying it out ‘on a hot sidewalk’ but the weather wasn’t co-operating.

I decided to be bold and submerged a trial piece in boiling water for a few minutes then whipped it out and left it sandwiched it between two heavy chopping boards. Success! Flat, smooth plastic.