Guild Regional Day

Another fascinating day on Saturday provided by Region 8 of the Quilters’ Guild.  The Regional Days are a great opportunity to catch up with quilting friends and be provided with excellent speakers (and tea and cake!).

This time we were treated to an account by an ‘ordinary quilter’ who turned out to be no such thing.  Margie Jenkins delighted us with a journey through her quilting life bringing us up to date with her role as President of the Guild.  The variety and range of her work was truly impressive but what I most brought away with me was her enthusiasm – to try something new, to embark on yet another major project and to share with others the joy and satisfaction that creating can bring.

Gillian Travis was the second speaker and had brought with her a selection of her hundreds of journal quilts and teaching samples, as well as full-sized quilts. I came away resolving to try out her interchange applique as soon as possible. I’m not sure I can match her wonderful colour palette but I’ll give it a go.


Yesterday we braved the blustery wind to walk round Anglesea Abbey gardens.  We were too late for the snowdrops (next year definitely!) but the winter walk was full of colour and striking shapes. This grove of trees stopped us in our tracks – it has a sort of ghostly beauty doesn’t it?  Another image to consider for interpretation for the local Embroiderers’ Guild theme of trees this year.




Half-square triangles

Sewing machine coverFor a few months I have been fortunate enough to go to one of Lynne Edwards’ groups at Chelsworth. I so look forward to those days – she is a wonderful teacher, very generous with her time and ideas and very funny. I wanted to learn her efficient method of working with half-square triangles so cast about in my mind for something relatively small I could make that would also be used. I did not want to end up with yet another “sample” that would lurk in a drawer.

A cover for my sewing machine! Perfect. I could at last abandon the old pillowcase I have been throwing over it for many years. And I determined to use only fabric I already had (it’s taking up way too much space as I fall for yet another tempting fat quarter).

And so last week, having pieced, layered and quilted, I faced up to construction (my least favourite part of the process) and I now have a brightly colour-co-ordinated cover keeping my machine dust free. I used Pellon in the side panels to give some rigidity to them; I have only recently discovered this fusible foam layer and appreciate its structural nature. Very easy to work with too.

I realise I am predominantly a “process” person. I thoroughly enjoy the planning and piecing/quilting/embroidery aspects of projects. Actually finishing something takes more energy, but it is so worth the effort. I will remind myself of the satisfaction I felt this time when next I look at my not insignificant pile of UFOs.