O2Textiles group


O2 fenceA couple of my friends are part of O2Textiles, a group of artists working together since 2002. The guiding principles are to support each other in the personal development of their embroidery and textile art skills, to promote embroidery and to exhibit. At the end of September their most recent wonderful show was at Hyde Hall in  south Essex.

A family get together for lunch and an exploration of the extensive gardens was enjoyed in the late September sunshine and then – embroidery!  The theme was the garden and each maker had, as always, made an aspect their own and delivered in their personal voice. This made for a viewing that was refreshingly varied and with a sense of recognising a series of old friends, at least when you’ve been seeing their work for several years. It is fascinating to watch the development over time of the individuals’ work.  The group clearly functions as a mutually supportive organisation allowing each artist to explore their own path but with encouragement and company. Just what a textile group should be.

The group project, ‘on the fence’ was a complete delight, an extensive 3D construct that provided a strong centrepiece to set off the wall-mounted works.

Sorry for the lack of images but photos were only allowed for personal use. This link will take you to the OTT website where there are pictures of all the fence elements.