New Year update

img_6619As usual at this time of year I have been looking back, and forward, and I realised I hadn’t posted here for months. I had said I would post a picture of the work that was accepted into the Norwich Shawls exhibition back in October – so here it is.  Pattern Study was based on a motif from an exquisite woven shawl (in the museum’s collection) and mounted against an interpretation of the punched cards used to programme a jacquard loom. By a an unplanned coincidence it was hung right next to a shawl from a private collection woven in the exact same design.  I was so delighted!


3d-pieceHere too is an image of the 3D piece I was working on – from the same design source.

As I hadn’t posted for so long I asked myself why I thought having a presence on the web was A Good Thing. Several quite convincing answers emerged: keeping potential students up to date with teaching plans, letting groups know what I can offer them, passing on stuff I have found interesting / useful in the hope others find it so too.  And there’s the personal challenge of course, that of overcoming my reluctance to put myself and my work ‘out there’ and if I do, to make the posts actually interesting and/or useful.

So I start the new year with the intention of regularly posting here (note the ‘regularly’, not ‘often’!) and with the traditional hope that you all had a good holiday season and that the New Year will be full of whatever you want it to be.