Art Quilting

What next after City & Guilds? A question I have spent some time pondering over recent weeks – with no definitive answer yet!

Book by Linda Seward

Book by Linda Seward

I have been immersing myself in the quiet occupation of reading around textile arts, books, blogs, websites. I sit at my desk and with just a few clicks my local library retrieves books for me from all over the county (and beyond).  Linda Seward’s Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting was one such and I was so impressed I now have my own copy to dip into.

seward pages smallThere is just so much information on techniques for construction and surface decoration, interspersed with pictures of stunning quilts from well over a hundred artists. Her explanations are clear, simple and step-by-step with excellent line drawings by Thomas Messenger – there is even a spread of exercises for quilt makers.

Certainly one answer to ‘What’s next?’ could be to work my way through the hundreds of pages and tempting techniques.  That could keep me occupied for years.  Or I could delve into the very useful listing of all the quilt artists, which includes their email and website address, and spend the wet autumn days browsing the web…..