Family tradition at Christmas

Christmas felt santaAbout thirty years ago, when the children were little, Christmas days were celebrated at my parent’s home. My mother ‘did’ Christmas very well and one year she made a wonderful table-cover that then become a fixture of the meal for years until she was too frail to host the day. She died last year and we found the cover in the loft.  It was white net, designed to go over a damask cloth, with a deep border decorated with a host of colourful felt collaged and applied pieces – trees, snowmen, elves, baubles and a large Santa on his reindeer-drawn sleigh. The hem was formed of scarlet felt scallops.

christmas felt figuresIt was very large (far larger than our table) and unfortunately bore testament to many gravy meals accompanied by red wine. After much thought and discussion with my sister the net was abandoned and the scalloped edge and all the figures were cut free with a small net border. (I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture of it before dismantling!)

At first the plan was to apply each figure to white felt for festive bunting but a trial piece offered up to our pale walls showed that a different approach was needed.  Now each figure is trimmed from the net, awaiting some TLC to replace missing sequins, to be hung from a red tinsel garland. Working on this has brought back memories of my mother and Christmas days long gone with the whole family together.

Christmas felt figures trimmed + red