Peaceful piecing

hexagon sampleThe City and Guilds in patchwork and quilting introduced me to new techniques and one that sparked great enthusiasm was English paper piecing and, especially, hexagons. tumbling blocks 2My first piecing was small – just one group of hexagons to make the traditional flower as a sample and although I quite enjoyed the process it seemed a very slow way of putting together bits of fabric.  Next I did a quilt square with tumbling blocks.  Getting the points precise proved a challenge but I noticed how much I was beginning to enjoy the pleasure of picking up the next diamond and stitching. And then I researched hexagon quilts. The potential for pattern! hexagon designsSo many ways to use one simple shape to create a seemingly limitless variety of quilt designs.  The personality of each quilt. I was smitten. Not enough to embark on a full-sized quilt (I know my limitations) but certainly enough to base one of my projects on the technique.  I love my work basket. container complete cylinderrue indienne fabricSo when I wanted some hand sewing to occupy myself when I wasn’t feeling up to a major challenge I settled on hexagons, cut from a layer cake of traditional prints, to adorn a cushion cover. I am at the quilting stage now, after hours of restorative stitching .  May even have it finished in time for Christmas.hexagon cushion quilting