Christmas tags

Christmas tagsUnusually this year I won’t be wrapping gifts at the last minute on Christmas Eve. Recognising how chaotically busy the next few days would be with the room change (see below!) I faced up to the present pile early.  I wanted to make my own tags and luckily I had all I needed left over from previous Christmastimes so spent a happy time scrunching wire-edged ribbon (isn’t that great?) into bows to be clipped to cut-out oval tags with little gold pegs.

room move 1I am much occupied in all the disorganisation involved in the reorganisation of my workspace to another room. I, together with my textile, art and teaching materials, am moving to a different room – one with better light and more wall space.

The original has been my room for around eighteen years and I’m slightly taken aback by how much I have acquired and squirrelled away deep in cupboards and drawers. The picture shows newspapers on the new wall where shelves will be, the rest of the room has piles of ‘stuff’ stacked all over the floor.  My current room is mostly dismantled so not much in the way of textile work being done at the moment!